Wednesday, December 2, 2009

wanna play?

Can someone tell me what it takes to be accepted? Better yet how you feel that everyone accepts you? That is the biggest joke. There are over 4 BILLION humans on this Earth...if everyone accepts, I would like to make an ass out of you and me and assume you play every card you are dealt to the fullest. Not everyone gets along with everyone, unless you are unique like me of course...but when do you make the final decision you aren't scared to "throw it under the bus" and "wash your hands" of a past experience? A wonderful, great, opened many a door, made a "2nd family," hate to go so much you've been in tears for hours over it...
Being a push over is like having a softer side, being a bitch is being strong and standing up for yourself and beliefs or what you know is is NOT a rehearsal nor a test. You get one and no one should settle.
*Love with no hands (no comment other than hands=judgment)
*Run from negativity and people you attempt to make happy and happy EVERYDAY. They take your butterflies and spark away after a while.
*Promises can always be broken. If not call Judge Judy and she may can help. LMFAO.
*if you don't speak your will......
Its vomit of the mouth! Be loved and if you are hated don't have a care or worry. There is no guarantee and you will have everything you need at your fingertips...just know when to accept and use the resources. Karma is a bitch. You can only treat or know the way you wanna be treated. Live the one and only life you have.
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