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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is this mic on?

Better yet, where has my time gone? Oh, now I remember...moving, new job and picking back up the pieces to this so called life. "Never play leap frog with a unicorn." And have some faith.
A little confidence goes a long way. So does getting away from poison. In the words of Monica, "don't tell me a lie, tell me the truth." Take it how you want it. MJ said, "live your life and be responsible..." Keep that head up-

I guess this post is vague, but that's the best thing about an imagination and "what if's" of life. Take it how it best fits with you. Damn, I feel like my Daddy. Preaching. Having Daddy/Daughter dinner night, it made me think...for 3 days. (I take that back because I have a million trillion thoughts going thru my head every milli second.) He mentioned an event from the past that I never thought he knew about- still don't know how to react or respond. What I do know is that I will forever be thankful of the life that has been chosen for me. Where ever it has been and what it holds for me in the future. Great family, great family and I wake up everyday ready to tackle what is in store for me at every given moment. Doors opening are nothing but opportunities....MADE and PUT IN FRONT OF YOU FOR A REASON. Its your choice to take it or leave it. Change is scary, but wouldn't you regret if you never took a chance? Maybe not regret, but gahlee...BO-RINGGGG!