Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mixing Isn't Just for Drinks....

(Inspired by Lil Billy)

What are your thoughts on our Country verses China/Africa/etc.??? As we sit around and contemplate why the good ole U.S. of A. has so many issues, Mr. McGee states that we are a country of a lot of different people. Mixers is the term we will use. Why is it when you go to China you only see a Chinese with a Chinese? On a side note, if the Chinese eat so much rice, why are they so dern skinny? When you visit Mexico, Mexicans are with Mexicans..and so forth. Well as we have been enlightened by tonights conversation, we have quite a few "mixers" in USA. Nothing is wrong with finding love or being a free country, but I am begining to believe "mixing" may be the core reason we are a target for concern. We welcome everyone with open arms who in turn take advantage. To a certain extent. Instead of USA, lets now refer to our country as "The Melting Pot." A little of this and a little of that all scattered about. We should be uniformed and organized, the way we want our personal & work life to be.

Honestly, however you fancy your ordeal life to be is how it should be. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion with the understanding that all humans have one. Opinions are like ass holes. It is respecting each other and their beliefs. That right there is what we must learn and the R-E-S-P-E-C-T, "find out what it means to me" (and you) before we judge.

Back to the controversey, only we can make a difference. "Stick together as people," Lil Billy. He, Lil Billy, will be the next greatist philosoper of all times...well, one that really makes you think.