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Friday, February 20, 2009

Moody Judy

My mood swings are like dern monkeys hanging from a tree, always on the go. Where do moods come from? I know they all originate in the brain, crazy chemicals and such, but what triggers the bad ones? When people do drugs and 'fry their brain cells,' shouldn't the bad ones go first? This is kinda off topic, but along the same lines....

Moms and I were conducting an experiment a few months ago on the body odors. (That word is just stinky, I mean, odor?! Really). Anyhoo, we were driving to Atlanta for a job interview I had. Of course I'm NOT driving and when I looked over from my nap she was doing the chicken dance with her arms. So not normal. She then turned to me laughing and said, "Can you smell me?" Heck no! I'm not tryna to smell her pits! Well, I did and there was no kind of stench. The foods you consume or what you intake into your body gives off certain odors. Weird. Shoot, that's one last thing to remember to apply in the am!