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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

26 Years

I believe what they say when they say it takes a lifetime to find out who you really are. Then again, with a little help from a soulmate, a lifetime isn't needed. There are many paths and turns to travel in life. I must say I've been up and down and alllll around! Life has definitely thrown some curve balls my way. I took out my Rawlings glove and caught every one. Nothing is wrong with a fly ball...even a foul ball can be good. With that being said, I have to admit I'm the type of person to learn lessons the hard way. The fact that I learn EVERY lesson "hands-on." Yep. Good and bad. Been there done that. There is not 1 situation or path I have traveled I regret. Lesson learned. Ha!

So, a lifetime...???

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Conditional Love???

Why on Earth would you want to be loved under certain conditions? Or generally speaking, be accepted under conditions?

Spare me. Love may not go both ways, but it is up to you to realize and make the decision to stay or go. Any relationship involves love, acceptance and respect. Healthy or unhealthy? Only you know...

It hurts to grasp the fact that family could be set on conditions. Trust me. Blood is thicker than water, so I've heard.

There comes a time in everyones life where you must make a very difficult decision.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

yada, yada, blah, mumbo jumbo

for some reason i have this urge to post a new post, but im having a difficult time deciphering what direction im going to allow my mind to wander. go figure. call me "space-cadet." most people do.

please excuse the lack of proper capital letters and punctuation. it makes me feel free to not abide by correct usage at the moment.

so, where were we? hmm...what do i type about...???

i should be studying. but im not. i like champagne especially when the $75 bottle or $15 glass goes towards a childrens charity. i shouldnt have drank so much of it last night, but i did. and hey, it was for a good cause.


Good Deeds.

Ever since Mommy was diagnosed with breast cancer, my whole world changed. It wasn't until that very moment that I realized no matter how perfect ones life is, God throws us curve balls. Trust me, it was an eye opener. I mean to MAYBE loose my Mommy to cancer? HELLS NO!!! Was not going to happen... Participating in the yearly community walks, raising $$ for research and most importantly, spreading awareness to others.

Since then, it became a passion. Not only to spread the word, but to be aware. Aware of others. What goes thru their minds when something difficult or a life tragedy occurs. We are all privileged individuals in different ways. We all wish and hope for hopes and wishes... It seems silly to wish for those new pair of D&G shoes when there is so much more to life than materials. I am very guilty of the guilty pleasures. Although, after Mommy, REAL issues came across my mind more.

There is this application on Facebook about God and what he wants you to know for the day...every now and then I get curious and click to find out. Honestly, they are always right on point. Anyhow, it said something along the lines of wealth and happiness is measured by what you give (back). Or that was my take on it...

As bad as we may think our lives are, someone has it worse. Never underestimate the card you are delt. At least you got a card!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Keep Your Penny. Ima Give You My Thought Regardless.

Earlier this afternoon my eyes ran upon a quote that literally made me back up and reread. It mentioned us having a "right" to do as we pleased. As my eyes continued to scroll the statement also pointed out a true fact....

(i can not quote it since the words may be re-arranged and im unsure of who's mouth it originated from.)

As long as you promise to laugh, I will share the title of the book these wise words were typed... Are you prepared to laugh yet? goes...

Uncle Johns "Slightly Irregular Bathroom Reader" by the Bathroom Readers' Institute

No, I was not on the throne with book in hand. I prefer to text while pottying. ;)
On another note, the quote was an eye catcher as the GAMES TO PLAY (as you do whatever you do in the restroom) are so interesting!!!


In My Opinion...

...if it rains during the day, the sun should still shine. I bet employees would be more productive on a wet workday.

...shoving an apple in a pigs mouth while BBQing the poor thing is just down right cruel. should be a main food group.

...there should be more than just 1 President. How can ONE person possibly control and make decisions for BILLIONS of human beings???

...dogs are simple four legged people. They take baths, get gray hair as they age, like to kiss & poop, eat Doritos, watch SpongeBob and make friends easily. My concern is the whole chasing the ball thing. My black furry daughter is a maniac when it comes to a tennis ball.

...cancer shouldn't exist. All it does is kill.

...if the ingredient box, if you will, states any sort of vitamin or healthy additive I believe it to be just that- healthy and good for my body not just my taste buds.

...people should have wings to be able to fly south for the winter. Or the world needs to just rid of the chilly seasons.

...grandparents are just that. GRAND.

...people with a spacey mind such as myself should never get the opportunity to receive a drivers license.

...EVERYTHING is worth it in the end.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An Ex can be summed up as an X

"When an ex says you will never find someone else like me. That really doesn't offend me....they should come up with something better cause well obviously I wouldn't have dumped you if I wanted someone like you."

Let's take this to a whole different spectrum. When you order a dish at a restaurant and realize it doesn't spark your tastebuds. Will you order it again next time? Probably not. What if the chef changed a few spices around? It may taste a better, but the main ingredient is still the same. The presentation may change, but deep down, it is still the same.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i cant hear a thing...

Its like putting your telephone on mute and the person on the reciever being oblivious of no one listening...not only do I feel like the person on the other end, but I may have a slight problem tuning others out. Not to justify this problem of mine, but I am not an owner of a one track mind. Multi-tasking is my specialty.

Today was a life changing experience for myself. I realized for the first time, first hand, how I may have made other human beings feel in the past...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm floored.

ARE YOU SHITTING ME? I'm so sorry, but this is like killing people for the religiion they CHOOSE to follow. Love is love wether it is black, green, white...there is no color. Love is a feeling and if you feel it, who is there to judge who it's with? Only that person knows how they feel...ugh. I'm so disgusted that this is even an option. People can be so cruel.