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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

If it ain't broke, don't fix it

But if it is broke, it can be fixed! Don't let youself get in the way. Time doesn't heal all, but staying positive is key. There are always options and alternatives to the dark side of life. I hate to say or better yet hear the word "no," but dern, sometimes ya gotta face it and pick up the pieces. Yeah, if I find a shoe that is absolutely breath taking there's no doubt if it fits my arse is getting it in every color.

Monday, October 26, 2009

After All

"Every road is winding" sometimes straigt for a mile or so with left and right turns, maybe even a few forks along the way. Drive the path that you wish to take with your heart and/or mind. Use the confidence within yourself. Things may not turn out the way you have planned nor what you have hoped for, but in the end it the outcome is made for you. We all have control of our destiny. Generally speaking. Everyone knows right from wrong and if you decide to take that unknown turn to only hit a few pot holes and go over speed bumps, everything will eventually be a-ok. IF allowed.
Life wouldn't be interesting if no one ever made mistakes. All we need to do is learn from them. Heartbreaks and broken promises are apart of life. Along with the hope of a better tomorrow. One of the main topics I avoid discussing is religion. Everyone has a right to their own belief as well as opinion. Right along with your choice of same sex marriage, if you don't agree then don't have one. Love is love in every shape and form. I'm wanting everyone to just believe in themselves. Only we know what we want and need and it's up to us to begin in making it happen. If you don't think you can, you can not. Think about The Little Engine That COULD...and he DID! It is that easy, tough, but just believe in yourself. "I think I can, I think I can. I know I can!"

Friday, October 23, 2009

I have no iDEER

Ya know the more everyone reproduces the less land we have for natures fine friends. All the new subdivisions, having 4 drug stores within walking distance (very unecessary), Wal-Marts 15 minutes apart...where exactly are the birds and bee's moving to? We wonder why deer don't cross the road at the "Deer Crossing" signs. We tear down their lair and place of rest making these beautiful, yet yummy, 4 leggers move constantly. Poor deers proly getting confused having to truck it to new lands. Just a thought. Besides aliens and humans, we aren't the only children of Mother Nature. Sheesh.

On another note, trees produce oxygen right? If we keep tearing forests down, how we gonna breathe? An oxygen tank will never be able to be refilled and on another note- oxygen is one of the 2 most crucial ingredients to make beer. Simmer on that people!

Horoscope or Horrorscope?

I must laugh at myself for actually reading these. Every morning I receive 2 e-mails from 2 different websites on what to "expect" for the day. I like to think of it as a reflection period to where I'm going to plan my attack on what the day shoots in my direction. These bad boys are so on point it's ridiculous! Today's said something along the lines of save my money and not to go blow it shopping..It started getting a little blurry as I continued to read, blame it on the phone reception (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!). Anyhoo, today is payday which includes our rather large bonus for kicking butt at assisting the public on making their new home here at Pavilion Towers Apartments...well, lets say that the plan has been to go to Charlotte and drop some dough on new rags. Should I listen to that HORRORscope? I think not..or maybe I will push this overdue shopping adventure until tomorrow.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

my FaceBook friend couldn't have posted this @ a more perfect time:

is wondering why people can be controlling and not know it? How can you help others but not yourself? Maybe you need a new method...if at first you don't succeed...try try again. If that doesn't work try a new approach. Everyone doesn't receive the same way..........

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Say Whaaaaat?

If dogs could speak, I wonder what they would say? If someone couldn't taste the food they were consuming, I bet the first time that person had a party in their mouth those taste buds would be outta commission for good. Or how about a bird, a talking bird, do they know the words they are being taught to skwak?
These furry children of mine live the life. As I sit on the couch for Daddy Date Night watching Penn State whoop Minnesota's butt, these girls are sprawled out all over the couch. Stella is an attention hog that stomps anyone in her way to get a pat on the back while Trouble just cries for attention and wants you to come to her. Since I've moved to the floor with these 2 while Daddy is yelling at the tv with the remote in his hand, I feel like maybe I should act like my furry childern to get his attention...LOL. Back to the question though, what would a dog do, or say if they could speak? My 2 furry children don't have to do or say anything. They get what they want. They aren't bad, just spoiled rotten!

Kissing the Clouds

It's too late to drag the past out...or by late, I mean too early and by to early and late together I mean I'm going to leave it out of this one. "Love is a high and enter and then make me cold." I wonder what it's like to go into something so completely new and not think the past will eventually arise again?

Friday, October 16, 2009


It's so funny how you can sit around and just think, then all of a sudden a song comes on...and it's EXACTLY what was just going thru your head. Is that a coincidence?

you make me wanna...

...hit the delete button. Take it like a lady and come to the realization that you are the only one that is still living in the past. Why do you think there is no "relationship" or "conversation?" You can say or think anything you wish, but I like to believe you are crazy. Then again, it's in the e-mails you write. No dice babe, my sisters and I stand strong against this storm you continuously TRY to create. I wake up every morning prepared with rainboots and my umbrella...bring on the rain so I can stomp in them puddles!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I stole this, I just couldn't resist...

Here are the rules:

1. You Can Only Use One Word.

2. Pass this along to 6 of your favorite bloggers

Disclaimer: some are too hard with just one word.
The Fun Part:

1. Where is your cell phone? DESK.
2. Your hair? CURLY.
3. Your mother? AMAZING.
4. Your father? FARTS.
5. Your favorite food? DORITOS.
6. Your dream last night? SNAKES.
7. Your favorite drink? VODKA.
9. What room are you in? OFFICE.
10. Your hobby? WRITING.
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? HAPPVILLE.
13. Where were you last night? PORCHSITTING.
14. Something that you aren't? PRISSY.
15. Muffins? TOP.
16. Wish list item? CHAUFFEUR.
17. Where did you grow up? NEVERNEVERLAND.
18. Last thing you did? POOTED.
19. What are you wearing? RAINBOOTS.
20. Your TV? FLAT.
21. Your pets? FURRYCHILDREN.
22. Friends? SISTERS.
23. Your life? MARVELOUS.
24. Your mood? INSPIRED.
25. Missing someone? EVERYDAY.
26. Vehicle? TRUCK.
27. Something you're not wearing? DEODORANT.
28. Your favorite store? WAL-MART.
29. Your favorite color? BLUE.
30. When was the last time you laughed? NOW.
31. Last time you cried? YESTERDAY.
32. Your best friend? MOMMY.
33. One place that I go to over and over? MEXICO.
34. One person who emails me regularly? ASTROLOGY.COM
35. Favorite place to eat? HOME.

Monday, October 12, 2009

112 "Cupid"

As I roll over to shut the light off, this amazingly beautiful ear snack comes on..."When I ask you to trust me, that doesn't mean I'm going to cheat on you." The very first time I heard this song and actually listend to the lyrics, I fell in love...I fell in love with love. "Cupid doesn't doesn't lie...Lord knows..True love" and "unless you give it a try" you'll never know.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

forte smorte

Who says I can't cook? Give this girl a glass or 3 of wine and I'm sure I could change the oil in my truck! A bestie best friend of mine, who I refer to as Pimpin', called me at 3 am just to say hello cause she was "bored." Anyhoo, as she proceeded to tell me the ingredients I needed to make french toast (gross in every way possible, that's just the only meal-ish thing I had all the supplies for) my taste buds were screaming for a potato. Needless to say I don't have a microwave and the patience level of a 4 year old in Toys-R-Us...I decide to chippity chop this potato into bite size pieces and saute in a pan with some kind of oil my Mom says is healthy. (LOL.) As I walk in the front door after work- man, this place has a stench of a fry cookery. Of course on the other end of my telephone call is Pimpin' herself has the idea to tell any company that may come over that I have taken a part-time job at McDonalds being a fry cook. YES! That will explain everything with no questions asked! And who says Pimpin' ain't easy?!