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Monday, November 30, 2009

Things Are Not Always What They Seem

....Even when you ask. This Thanksgiving was wonderful! We laughed, we cried and we laughed so much it made us all cry! Since Oprah is going to no longer be apart of day-time television, Dakota and I are going to pitch our new reality show called "Do it like the Dawson's." I really think it will be a winner...

So, besides the tears and backaches from laughing...there were pranks and all at my cost. Mommy got some cheese pick things for her birthday (the steaks you stick in the blocks of cheese to differentiate what "flavor" each is). Well, notice the picture above. Does that one triangle shape say cheddar or do am I totally spaced out? I even ASKED my Mother and she said in fact it WAS cheddar. Needless to say I'm a cheese freak especially when it comes to CHEDDAR. Everyone is sitting around the table discussing random thoughts as we are all picking leftovers off each others plates. There were chunks of cheese, but no crackers on my plate and I was too stuffed to even try and consume that yummy cheddar cheese since I already ate half the block anyway. Nana proceeds to ask if the PARMESAN cheese was any good...PARMESAN CHEESE???? PARMESAN CHEESE?! DO WHAT? Yeah, I ate Parmesan cheese, a whole block of it thinking it was cheddar...I look over at Mommy with this eat shit and die look and ask why she lied to me. She replied, "I didn't have a pick that said Parmesan." On the other hand, I ASKED her to reassure myself since the texture was different and she lied to me!!! UGH!