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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Going to be hilarious! aaaand, IM IN IT!

"Becoming Pony Boi" Starring Sergio Myers and Amy Weber, directed by Sergio Myers, has been officially selected for The New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, in the LOS ANGELES FESTIVAL,Los Angeles, CA on DECEMBER 4th-11th, 2008!! for more information.

P.S. I love Serg! xoxo

What do you smell like?

Have you ever watched tv and wondered what someone smells like? Flava Flav, I bet he smells like fried chicken and old bath towels. Or New York (from his reality show), she has to smell like stale newport ciggs and baby oil mixed with coco butter lotion. I don't understand how some people don't believe in bathing?!?! These 2 guys that come in here every weekend smell like old bacon grease thats been sitting in a pan for days on end being cooked over and over again. I swear they could suffocate a small horse. Its not like you can hand over a bar of soap to tell them they Glade plug-ins, febreze or my Pier 1 room spray doesn't help AT ALL! I think I just gagged in my mouth a little!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just doesn't make sense...

As Im washing my hair in the hair is the type that is super poofy wether I blow dry or when it's done air drying. With that being said, I have to use shampoo AND conditioner. If I'm feeling frisky I will even use a leave-in conditioner! Anyhoo, as Im lathering up my locks I looked at one of the many half full bottles on my shower organizer and read "2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner." Hmmmm, I thought to myself...wouldn't the shampoo cancel out the conditioner? If there really is conditioner in that bottle, wouldn't the soap eat it up? Im confused. Very intriuged I must say!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Spread the L-O-V-E

Welp, I just got my degree in Archeology, I'm digging on this dude, but not too sure how he feels about me. Actually, I just like that quote and it hits the spot on this topic that I'm dying to vent about. Love, being in love, infatuation, not being alone and the big, scary word- relationship. What exactly is the definition of a relationship? Thinking about someone elses needs over yours? Praying for someone more than yourself? Sharing your world, free time, your heart? Sounds to me like you put yourself second over someone that could walk away at any given moment and leave you alone, empty, broken hearted and lost. Its hard to have been burned and get back in the game. You don't know how many times I have taken myself out and how long I have been sitting on the bench. A few years ago I repeated to myself over and over again that people never change. I would like to take that back. In general, people CAN change. I'm living proof. It took me a few years, but I wanted it. People can change IF they want to. (Key word: IF). I banned relationships, marriage and reproducing. Watching everyone around me share their lives with someone they truly care about and cherish, makes me want to spread the love I have in my body to a special person. Along my journey of change, I have realized that being honest to yourself and your needs can help you to succeed in happiness. Here's to everyone that has loved, lost, got back in the game or those of you who never left the game and found your other half. Don't look for that happy ending, enjoy the ride and embrace all the special moments everyday. I'm not searching, but I know the best is yet to come and good Lord he will be adored.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Im not confused, I don't think???

Nothing is easy, but it can be easiER. If we all just fessed up to how we felt instead of waiting or caring what someone else would think about our opinion...

I have 233, 486 thoughts going thru my head at any given second. Whatever busts out this loud mouth of mine never comes across the way I intended. I say what I feel, but then think about what I said and think about how someone took it. Of course it's the "what if's." What if they thought I meant this, or that. Then I try and explain myself only shoving my foot farther into my mouth! haha.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pieces of My Heart

Just some nice things about the ones Im thinking of today....

Dakota: My Boo-Boo. Here's to the one I get sooooo mad at, but love so much! My baby sister NEVER lies to make me feel better. If I want a truthful opinion, she is the one I go to. Cheers to being wild, outgoing and keeping each other IN trouble! That friend that you don't go a day without talking to, the one that you can just cry with, sit for hours and not speak, but know exactly what each other is feeling, the one you can't live without...she is it. I cherish each and every moment spent with her. As I sit here and giggle reminising on these crazy times debating on wether or not Im going to publish- YEAH RIGHT! We love hard, but fight harder...each other that is! I love you booga-wooga!

Ali: The Bandit. To my middle sister, my look-alike, you make me whole. Well, more rounded. To our childhood memories, partying days, punching the crap out of that dude at Andys Deli for hitting his girlfriend and almost getting arrested for assault, to keeping me updated on news-like current events and most of all for being you. I've always looked up to her for being so strong, yet so sensitive. Here's to going out of your way to make your sisters happy and keeping us in line. After all, she was the one who taught Dakota and I how to punch, shoot Wild Turkey without gagging and showing us that unconditional love is real. For going down the road that makes you happy even though some of us didn't agree. I love you and am so proud!

Mommy: There is waaaay too much to write about and I'm sure I will start boo-hooing, so Im going to keep it simple. Not only is she a wonderful Mother, but a best friend as well. Here's to keeping smiles on our faces, teaching us how to toilet paper a house "the right way," letting us know that there is no dream or goal that we can't achieve, tickling our arms until we fall asleep and for letting us eat ice cream for breakfast on Valentines! Going out in public with her is an adventure, you never know what she will say or do! Our family road, oh my! Not only does she MAKE us do the Chinese fire drill at red lights, but she raps along to Salt-N-Pepa, Snoop Dogg (her ex-husband, so she says), Mase and her favorite poet of all times, Lil Wayne with the windows down! Her and I in the car together leads to a 63 mile journey- getting lost in convo and missing exits, dancing, honking the horn at random times...just being on an open road with no where to go, a full tank of gas and each other is the most fun! There is not one day that goes by where we don't hug or make random phone calls to each other. Without her, my sisters and I would be lost.

Daddy: Haha, he's my main man! Just thinking about him makes me laugh and smile! Always telling us how it is and not blowing smoke up our asses. Here's to making sure his girls are never dissapointed, coming to the rescue by being Mr. Mom on duty 24-7, picking up the phone at ANY time of night when I need an ear, and to making the best tacos ever! Moving in with him when I turned 13 actually sculpted my life. Sure, he bleached most of my clothes and scared the boys away, but the room mate (thats what we refered to each other as) moments we had were unforgettable! Bringing home 15 chirpping baby chicks every semester, turtles from the side of the road and quite a few rescued dogs, I'd say we always kept each other entertained! For always putting himself second to family and friends, NEVER lying and most of all, saying "I love you" every chance he gets. Shit, I have tears in my eyes...I knew this was going to happen. No one will ever come close to what my Daddy means to me.

Okay, Im done being mushy...although there is one person I think about every second of everyday, my Sunshine. He is always beside me, maybe not physically, but his scent lingers. We miss you and love you, you handsome thang you!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ma Mouf Is Nummmm

How can someone be addicted to someting so silly?! It's the crunch, the coldness, the white parts of that piece of ice that I look foward every morning when I wake up. A year ago I would just get a cup of ice at the bar so I wouldn't get tipsy, now it's an every hour thing! I can't wait to go to the dentist to be yelled at because my pearly whites are craked up! Are there any cures for an obsessed ice eater?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cheers to YOU!

Gossiping is one of natures way to make the people you hate famous. I would first like to thank God for bringing this earth alive, my parents for creating me and YOU for talking shit! (Well, not YOU, but whoever feels that bringing others down will bring them up). In high school, I would get so torn up about petty rumors and gossip. Now I sit back and laugh. Never could I have imagined my life being as fantastic as it has been. Listening to what people would say, the wispers and laughing, feeling like I wasn't good enough. Going down so many dark roads with shoulder deep pot-holes in the past...has made me aware of who I want to become and who I want to share this wonderful life with today. Each and every day I constantly remind myself that no one can bring me down. I am the reason, I have the choice to have a bad day or a fantastic day. Be happy! Smile, they are contagious. Again, thank you and I love you! You make my day full of suprises!


I can remember when Mommy sat my 2 younger sisters & myself down to have a "talk." None of us knowing what to expect out of this conversation, sat on the couch side by side sweating like pigs. Then the news came..."I went to the doctor today, everything is going to be ok, nothing has spread." Looking at each other, faces white as ghosts, tears draining from our eyes, we all grabbed each other & hugged like we were never going to let go. Not knowing what to expect next or if Mommy was really telling us the truth on how "early" her cancer has been found. Other than Daddys heart attack, this was one of the most horrifying things for my sisters & I to hear. I mean, our Mommy, no way! As the chemo started, the surgery & doctor appointments, we realized that everything really was going to be ok. She wasn't lying after all. I wasn't planning on going too much into detail because I can remember clearly each & everyday trying to keep myself together in front of my sisters and for my own sanity. So, to my point- everytime I saw/see breast cancer awareness things or anything you can buy that give a percent of the proceeds to cancer research, I BUY!!! My boyfriend at the time of 8 years knew how important that was for me, spotted a pink breast cancer ribbon magnet with the word SURVIVOR. We put it on my Moms car as soon as we got home! She rocked that bad boy everyday! So proud! Then out the blue, she came up to me and asked where her magnet was...SOMEONE HAD THE NERVE TO TAKE IT OFF HER CAR! HOW DARE YOU! Nothing gets me more fired up than liars, cheaters & people that steal- from my family.