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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Just Begun...

Testing,, two, three.

For some reason I'm feeling quite unsual. Not my normal self. Let me be more specific. Something is off. Slanted. Not missing, but more like a crooked painting hanging on the wall that you keep staring at and want to straighten up. But when you get closer and shift, if you will, the painting there are still those few "steps back" to see if it is indeed straight. But it isn't.

"Step into the picture I paint...Just let it go, give it up and allow yourself to transform." My life can be summed up and sung by Christina Aguilera with a splash of Joss Stone having "jet lag and never left the ground."

Hmmm. As my mind wonders... Come with me...


Where did I go wrong? Did I go right? Or left? They say not to think it is on the right road just because it is a well beaten path.

All I can hope, dream and wish for is a bush wacker and compass. Oh, and a bottle of svedka to have the guts to take the road not traveled.