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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rock Pearls Straight Out the Oyster

I want more than I can take...until I start to ache. Bite more than you can chew and chew as fast as you can, says my personal horoscope profile. After the work hours, the morning still comes, but if you turn out the light....follow me and see all my dreams. The world IS quite what it seems. (Natalie Furtado) This girl, moi, is a "fickle flower" and is "searching for things she can not find. Running and running, catch up with me life." What are you in search of? The question of the day has been how old I am and why am I still single. What is single? I have a job that I'm married to, a wonderful family and 1 best friend that I have dedicated all my life and heart to. It may not be that picket fence story, but it's MY fairy tale. I could change, but I'm dancing to a different beat. Being different will never fail you since there are no foot steps to follow in. Find your own way just like you find your own beat and 2 step to your favorite song. Make an impression on not only your life, but someone elses.

You know when you call a place of business and on the other end you can sense that uneasy/hate my job feeling? Well, when you pick up the phone...look in the mirror and smile. The receiver will feel it and "see" it.

Have you final say...that is your opinion. It's the perfect, ultimate fight for me. You say "No" and "Don't fail...." makes me succeed that much more. Comments like that do get to me, but karma is so beautiful. In fact, I'm thinking of giving that name to my baby girl.

Rock out with no doubts...straight out the oyster. Tear the rearview mirror out and don't look back. Do your thing, YOUR way.