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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Resolution? Contribution?

Don't you think that contributions make resolutions? I guess coming up with what you want resolved before you ask or make contributions is key...then again that's thinking inside the box while everyone else is thinking outside the box.
This particular blog won't get very far in my thought process since this mind of mine has clocked out for the evening. Well, at least clocked out on having any kind of "serious, prove Jessica's point thought process."
Let's just start with a telephono convo that just ended between my ex-roomie, aka handsome thang, best friend and the most important title he has, Daddy. Someone, asshole neighbors as I have been refering to them as, set up a TRAP with bones and meat to catch my furry children only to call the animal pound to pick them up. WTH? Not to get to deep, but isn't that wrong? I'm crying, Daddy is mad and my poor baby Stella stayed in doggie jail for 2 nights until we found out where she was. Trapping is like stalking, its a crime.