Sunday, November 1, 2009


Sunday night on the couch watching Sex and the City is what it's all about. First thing s first, why must I always try to fight sleep? Is it because I'm scared to miss something or the fact that I hate the thought of doing absolutely nothing? That right there is going to be a whole other blog entry. So, back to my HBO evening...this episode is talking about, well what every Sex and the City is How is it so easy for some to just meet and if not that second, but within days start mattress dancing? Not to mention the fact that this scenario may happen over and over with different dancers. Trust that I'm not judging on how many or how often someones monkey meets another banana. Whatever
floats your boat, this is your life and a free country. Do what pleases you. These ladies and their "tv" lives are quite intriguing. From being social to living in the city that never sleeps to being strong and independent women with the best of friends always for one another thru ups and downs. Are they going to have auditions for a 5th sista?