Saturday, October 17, 2009

Say Whaaaaat?

If dogs could speak, I wonder what they would say? If someone couldn't taste the food they were consuming, I bet the first time that person had a party in their mouth those taste buds would be outta commission for good. Or how about a bird, a talking bird, do they know the words they are being taught to skwak?
These furry children of mine live the life. As I sit on the couch for Daddy Date Night watching Penn State whoop Minnesota's butt, these girls are sprawled out all over the couch. Stella is an attention hog that stomps anyone in her way to get a pat on the back while Trouble just cries for attention and wants you to come to her. Since I've moved to the floor with these 2 while Daddy is yelling at the tv with the remote in his hand, I feel like maybe I should act like my furry childern to get his attention...LOL. Back to the question though, what would a dog do, or say if they could speak? My 2 furry children don't have to do or say anything. They get what they want. They aren't bad, just spoiled rotten!