Friday, October 23, 2009

I have no iDEER

Ya know the more everyone reproduces the less land we have for natures fine friends. All the new subdivisions, having 4 drug stores within walking distance (very unecessary), Wal-Marts 15 minutes apart...where exactly are the birds and bee's moving to? We wonder why deer don't cross the road at the "Deer Crossing" signs. We tear down their lair and place of rest making these beautiful, yet yummy, 4 leggers move constantly. Poor deers proly getting confused having to truck it to new lands. Just a thought. Besides aliens and humans, we aren't the only children of Mother Nature. Sheesh.

On another note, trees produce oxygen right? If we keep tearing forests down, how we gonna breathe? An oxygen tank will never be able to be refilled and on another note- oxygen is one of the 2 most crucial ingredients to make beer. Simmer on that people!