Sunday, March 29, 2009

UnTied My Running Shoes

The biggest obstacle in life is yourself. If you have already predicted or "doomed" (as Mommy said) the situation at hand, why continue? What if you want it so, so, so terribly bad you can taste it? When I was younger and we lived in St. Louis, MO Nana used to come visit us quite frequently. Being the chef she is, she always TRIED to teach me how to cook and when I wasn't having it I HAD to watch. One Chef-Boyar-Nana lesson we were using the know the thing built into the counter with the round coils that turn red when they are super hot?! Yeah, Nana said "Now Jessica don't touch the eyes on the stove." A little explination as to WHY I shouldn't touch these eyes on the stove would've been nice...yep, my right hand had a spiral blister all up in the palm!
I won't get close to a dern hot red eye on a stove.

Point of this blog is (drum roll please)...

Who wants to re-live something painful?

We all know you can't change the past, but you have full control of the future. Not every situation is going to have the same ending and not every "friend" is going to treat you terribly. BUT, how do you know? Here is where the "dooming" comes in. If you think it and feel it, it is bound to happen. I was told this morning you have to give a little more as time can't live in fear of history repeating. Easier said than done. Well some days are easier than others. A.K.A. mixed signals.
Real Talk, NO MORE negative people, NO MORE excuses and absolutely no walking away. Gotta put the ole foot down. (Well baby steps...pinky promise).