Monday, March 16, 2009

Just a sittin' by the Sea....

Do people really put letters in bottles and hope someone gets it on the other side of the ocean??? That would be the coolest thing ever! I used to have many pen-pals, but as I get older my days get more hectic. E-mails are much easier, but there is nothing like the feeling of pen hitting up paper. Every time I get a piece of mail with my name on it (NOT BILLS) I get over joyed! Just the other day one of my friends sent me a little "hello." How sweet, I mean 2 sentances is all it takes. Even though we talk thru e-mails and texts, he sent me a card to wish me a wonderful weekend! Talk about taking a second out of your busy day to drop a line!

Back to the topic at hand (I feel I write that alot), the message in a bottle...I want to do it! I want to be the sender. Should I wrap the bottle in bubble wrap? Will it sink? How about someone going to explore the bottom of the ocean and find all these bottles...They might be kinda upset thinking it might be a treasure map. That would be pretty darn awesome!