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Friday, March 6, 2009

If YOU were EVERY Woman, who would you be?

Better yet, what would you be? Sweet, mean, bossy, divaliscious, smarty-pants? One of my ALL time favorite "feel good" songs is Whitney Houston, I'm Every Woman. What an ear snack! When the tunes come out my speakers my foot starts a-tappin' and my head starts bobbin'! Listening, sometimes even singing along, this song can turn an awful day into one filled with sunshine and rainbows!

Back to the topic of discussion, if you were every would you act? I'm thinking total nut-case! Women are very complex individuals. Shucks, I'm female and I can hardly bear my own self! A little sugar-n-spice for sweetness, Texas Pete for the ultra spicy/sassy moments, GREEN mint chocolate-chip ice cream for the cold bitchy mood with the crisp refreshness caused by the mint and for the final touch, a nice refreshing splash of your alochol of choice creating the footloose, don't give a darn attitude! (Why I choose to use condiments and food to paint this beautiful woman, only God can explain. Then again anything I say or do can never be explained.)

A little of every woman all meshed into one human body seems mighty scary to me. Ponder on this...everyone of your friends have different qualities to help bring out the best in yourself. Sounds kinda selfish, BUT you have one friend to knock you back down when you act to big for your panties, one to always have your back & protect you from the evil in life, one to be your partner in crime to paint the town red, one you confide in to be honest and guide you thru tough times and lastly the one woman who will never ever judge you no matter how bad you bust your face into the cement. Although all the above are great qualities for any one person to posess, but what would be the fun in that?

Being EVERY woman in a one woman body would be exausting. Then again, do you realize how much fun you could have? It's like having a split personality without being split! BLAM! IN YOUR FACE, what you get is what you get.

To conclude this thought of mine, I hope you are happy being you. So what if someone doesn't like you for who you are. Who's forcing them to be apart of your marvelous life anyway?