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Monday, September 8, 2008


I can remember when Mommy sat my 2 younger sisters & myself down to have a "talk." None of us knowing what to expect out of this conversation, sat on the couch side by side sweating like pigs. Then the news came..."I went to the doctor today, everything is going to be ok, nothing has spread." Looking at each other, faces white as ghosts, tears draining from our eyes, we all grabbed each other & hugged like we were never going to let go. Not knowing what to expect next or if Mommy was really telling us the truth on how "early" her cancer has been found. Other than Daddys heart attack, this was one of the most horrifying things for my sisters & I to hear. I mean, our Mommy, no way! As the chemo started, the surgery & doctor appointments, we realized that everything really was going to be ok. She wasn't lying after all. I wasn't planning on going too much into detail because I can remember clearly each & everyday trying to keep myself together in front of my sisters and for my own sanity. So, to my point- everytime I saw/see breast cancer awareness things or anything you can buy that give a percent of the proceeds to cancer research, I BUY!!! My boyfriend at the time of 8 years knew how important that was for me, spotted a pink breast cancer ribbon magnet with the word SURVIVOR. We put it on my Moms car as soon as we got home! She rocked that bad boy everyday! So proud! Then out the blue, she came up to me and asked where her magnet was...SOMEONE HAD THE NERVE TO TAKE IT OFF HER CAR! HOW DARE YOU! Nothing gets me more fired up than liars, cheaters & people that steal- from my family.