Monday, September 8, 2008

Cheers to YOU!

Gossiping is one of natures way to make the people you hate famous. I would first like to thank God for bringing this earth alive, my parents for creating me and YOU for talking shit! (Well, not YOU, but whoever feels that bringing others down will bring them up). In high school, I would get so torn up about petty rumors and gossip. Now I sit back and laugh. Never could I have imagined my life being as fantastic as it has been. Listening to what people would say, the wispers and laughing, feeling like I wasn't good enough. Going down so many dark roads with shoulder deep pot-holes in the past...has made me aware of who I want to become and who I want to share this wonderful life with today. Each and every day I constantly remind myself that no one can bring me down. I am the reason, I have the choice to have a bad day or a fantastic day. Be happy! Smile, they are contagious. Again, thank you and I love you! You make my day full of suprises!