Thursday, November 4, 2010

In My Opinion...

...if it rains during the day, the sun should still shine. I bet employees would be more productive on a wet workday.

...shoving an apple in a pigs mouth while BBQing the poor thing is just down right cruel. should be a main food group.

...there should be more than just 1 President. How can ONE person possibly control and make decisions for BILLIONS of human beings???

...dogs are simple four legged people. They take baths, get gray hair as they age, like to kiss & poop, eat Doritos, watch SpongeBob and make friends easily. My concern is the whole chasing the ball thing. My black furry daughter is a maniac when it comes to a tennis ball.

...cancer shouldn't exist. All it does is kill.

...if the ingredient box, if you will, states any sort of vitamin or healthy additive I believe it to be just that- healthy and good for my body not just my taste buds.

...people should have wings to be able to fly south for the winter. Or the world needs to just rid of the chilly seasons.

...grandparents are just that. GRAND.

...people with a spacey mind such as myself should never get the opportunity to receive a drivers license.

...EVERYTHING is worth it in the end.