Friday, July 17, 2009

Hear Me Out

I have been mighty slack on my blogging lately, but I do have a few idears in mind on what is rumbling around in my head...
1. How come when you read, whether it be a shampoo bottle or your horoscope that was e-mailed to your phone, poo'ing is quicker?
2. Before my reality TV show hits the tube I want a real snazzy show name. Not like stage name, but title for this amazingly goofy show.
3. Every time I hear the song from Lion King "Can't wait to be King," my mood instantly changes to nothing but bliss.
4. Here is to all of my closest friends for getting to know me and still being my bud! I don't think I could be friends with me, too much cRaZYneSS!
5. Coke-a-Cola had cocaine in it back in the day that's why everyone was so addicted, I wonder if Doritos have the same effect on me?
6. How many miles can you get on 2 gallons of gas?
7. many more, but I just had a brain fart.